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As you are aware Toyota recalled several models pertaining to the sudden accelerator pedal sticking or accelerating for no reason. Here are a few simple steps for you if this should happen, these are easy steps and save you from an accident.

  1. If your accelerator pedal should happen to stick or accelerate for no apparent reason stay calm, and put your car into the neutral position this will allow your car to coast, Your engine will rev at a high RPM but it will not hurt or damage the engine, all the manufactures put what is called a rev limiter into the cars computer system to save the engine, Basically this rev limiter is designed to limit the RPM (Revolution Per Minute) of the motor
  2. As you are coasting take a look at your surroundings and find a safe place to pull your car over
  3. Once you have pulled over and have completely stopped, turn off your car while still in neutral and with your foot applied to the brake, Once the car is turned off keep your foot on the brake and put your car into the park position, you are done its that simple

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