Steering/DRP Things you should know

On January 19, 2012, in Blogs, by Administrator

The sole reasoning of creating the concept of a DRP repair system boils down to only one thing and one thing only and thats is CONTROL. When the insurance company reaches the ability of Control the sky is the limit. Control follows with minipulation. Lets look at the whole pitcure a for just a minute.

The Insurance company enables a Repair Shop to make concessions on their profits for more volume. Great the shop has more work!! Then the Insurance company enables the shop to depend on this volume. But the shop has more work !!!! Then the shop makes more concessions to keep the work. But we have more work!!!! Then thats when the CONTROL really starts to crank up. Soon the Insurance company controls the whole process. Soon the Insurance company is controlling labor rates, dictating type of parts, capping materials, eliminating mark up on legitimate expenditures on and on and on. It is a genius concept. The Insurance Companies are actually profiting more than the repair shops and never buying a tool or a piece of equipment. But the shop has more work!!!! But no profit to grow, no profit for training, no profit for equipment, this is just a example of how brutal this steering issue has become. We must return to free enterprise and learn to earn our customers the old fashion way.

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