Keith J.

On February 2, 2017, in Testimonials, by bkinney

a year ago

Flawless paint work! Perfect match! It’s a Wow!

Recently I got in an accident and needed some work done to my rear end. I can’t express enough what an Amazing job Bryan and his team did! Amazing.

I can’t see where the damage was at all, the paint for a not-so-common 17 year old BMW color is a spot on perfect match!! (which was a main concern of mine). I don’t know how they did it, but they did. It looks unbelievably good!!! I’m a very, very happy camper. The car sings again.

But what I must mention, was the extreme professionalism of Bryan, his customer service skills, attention to detail, and just how informed and in the loop he kept me along the entire rebuild process including pictures. I felt so important and taken care of, simply because I was. There is no question in my mind where I will be taking any of my cars when I need work done again in the future, in a heartbeat. Professionalism at its finest. It was refreshing to experience in my time of headache.


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