Martine K.

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Previously I had taken my vehicles to the supposedly best shop in Marin! No longer! Brian’s work ethics and paper work detail w/ insurance communication are excellent. The location is convenient too as the Toyota Prius Rental was in the vicinity. My little gem got repaired flawlessly, not only that but they also fixed what the Marin shop previously did not do properly. They even added a complete wax and detail and gave me additional bonuses fixing some nixes. A happy customer for life. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Going anywhere else from now on seems a waste of time.

About a week ago we were contacted by the owner of the Language Truck, Bridget Hayes. This is a mobile class room.  The nice  thing about this truck is that it comes to you, set up and ready to go, tutoring in several fields of education (English, Spanish, and Computer classes).  This Language truck will go to any business, event, church, neighborhood, and other locations.  Language Truck is a mini-bus-classroom that provides workstations with laptop computers and wireless internet for up to 10 adults. Now how cool is that!!

Grace and Kelsea in front of the Language truckLanguage Truck


Bridget Hayes and I sat down for about and hour last week and she expressed to me how important this project is to her and how much time, effort and of course money she has invested so far and one of the last things to do was to get it painted.  Although Bridget went to several AutoBody shops in the area she had expressed to me she just didn’t feel like she was being treated right.
After talking to Bridget we walked outside and took a look at her Language truck and went over all the things that she wanted to get done.
First and foremost was the color scheme and how the colors would flow together. I expressed my opinions and gave Bridget some options to think about.

A few days later I contacted Bridget again and we both decided to go ahead with this project.
Over the next few weeks we are going to be doing a lot of things to the Language truck and I will be posting pictures of the complete progress of it so please stay tuned in this is going to be one nice ride.

If you want more information on this project or maybe you have one of your own please contact us at:
Auto Body and More
Remember, We do more than just autobody.

Here are a few pictures of some of the progress already


Removing the decalsSanding the paint
Just a little follow up. Language truck is about 95% sanded and we are just going over the nooks and crannies to make sure the truck is completely sanded. Finished off the body work and primed the area’s. Removed the Stop sign for now. Getting ready to re caulking tomorrow. We are getting close to painting!!!!

UPDATE! 02/19/2012

The colors have been picked out and painted on the Language Truck, first we painted the lower cream first earlier in the week. Making sure we used a good epoxy sealer on the Language truck first. We applied 3 coats of the cream color to make sure is had good coverage.

Language Truck




Language Truck 2 tone







The upper color was painted next, White is what was choose for this. Paying close attention to detail we spend some extra time masking off the cream. the end result was well worth it.

The next thing we have to do is to paint the silver on the bumpers, mirrors, and flashing light covers, this will add some nice accent color to the white and cream. The last thing we are going to do is add all the logo’s to the language truck. Sometime early next week this will happen, so please stay tuned with this!

Here is a short video of the Language truck painted with both colors and out of the booth

Here is the Language Truck completed and ready for Bridget to pick it up
All Done! Thanks Bridget for everything.


Tracy from San Rafael CA

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This was a referral from a friend and what a great friend.  Autobody & more did an excellent job.  My car looks like it did when I bought it 8 years ago.  I forgot what the paint used to look like and I wash and wax my car all of the time.  I had so many rock dings on the hood and bumber.  Also, they pulled out all of the small door ding dents.
I would definitely recommend!! Any time in the future I need autobody repair, I am there.  I think I might even have them paint my bike, cuz they do that too.

The future of Water Borne paint

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The future of Water Borne paint and our system.As of Oct 1, 2009, all of the Bay Area North to Cloverdale is required to switch to Water Borne paint, We decided to go with PPG’s Envirobase paint system for several reasons
One of the most important reasons is that this system has been around since 1999 in Europe and Canada and has been proven with great results. The durability of the paint are superb, Auto Body and More did several in house tests before we committed to use this system.
  • solvent resistant       707584auto use'sEnvirobase
  • Scratch resistant
  • Pressure resistant    
  • Adhesion                       
  • Application
  • Blend panel    
  • Cure/dry time  
  • Color Match
  • fuel resistant test
All these test were done in a controlled environment(Spray Booth) under several different conditions. The reason why we decided to use several different conditions is that your car, truck or motorcycle is not always kept in a prefect environment, It gets rained on snowed on sun beats down on it and so on.We are happy with the results.
  Now remember you still can use solvent primers and under coats and solvent clears but they do have to meet the VOC’s in your area. Auto Body and More does not mix match primers, sealers or clears with other paint manufactures. We strictly use what is recommended by PPG. Mix matching under coats, base coats and clears could result in array of paint issues including clear peel back, blistering, color fade, modeling, pin holes in the clear, Solvent popping, low adhesion properties, shrinking of the primer and sealer, shrinking of the clear, Low gloss of the clear (does not shine).
  Another reason we went with PPG is that their clears are one of the best on the market for durability and longevity
with excellent shine, scratch resistant, gas resistant, great adhesion properties and we just keep winning car and motorcycle show’s! 
Make sure the Auto body shop you choose use’s quality paint products, as the end result of your repair could be sacrificed.