Brian U.

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Auto Body & More is an astounding shop. Excellent quality of work and the friendly atmosphere create an experience that makes auto body repair simple. Timely high quality service is delivered. My first choice for auto body repair!

Martine K.

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Previously I had taken my vehicles to the supposedly best shop in Marin! No longer! Brian’s work ethics and paper work detail w/ insurance communication are excellent. The location is convenient too as the Toyota Prius Rental was in the vicinity. My little gem got repaired flawlessly, not only that but they also fixed what the Marin shop previously did not do properly. They even added a complete wax and detail and gave me additional bonuses fixing some nixes. A happy customer for life. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Going anywhere else from now on seems a waste of time.

Kerry A.

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My Black Mustang was backed in to and Bryan took care of my car and also he and Jim dealt with the insurance company and made sure my car was repaired with original parts and not aftermarket parts. You would never know my car had been hit. It is perfect and they made it painless!

Steering/DRP Things you should know

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The sole reasoning of creating the concept of a DRP repair system boils down to only one thing and one thing only and thats is CONTROL. When the insurance company reaches the ability of Control the sky is the limit. Control follows with minipulation. Lets look at the whole pitcure a for just a minute.

The Insurance company enables a Repair Shop to make concessions on their profits for more volume. Great the shop has more work!! Then the Insurance company enables the shop to depend on this volume. But the shop has more work !!!! Then the shop makes more concessions to keep the work. But we have more work!!!! Then thats when the CONTROL really starts to crank up. Soon the Insurance company controls the whole process. Soon the Insurance company is controlling labor rates, dictating type of parts, capping materials, eliminating mark up on legitimate expenditures on and on and on. It is a genius concept. The Insurance Companies are actually profiting more than the repair shops and never buying a tool or a piece of equipment. But the shop has more work!!!! But no profit to grow, no profit for training, no profit for equipment, this is just a example of how brutal this steering issue has become. We must return to free enterprise and learn to earn our customers the old fashion way.

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The future of Water Borne paint

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The future of Water Borne paint and our system.As of Oct 1, 2009, all of the Bay Area North to Cloverdale is required to switch to Water Borne paint, We decided to go with PPG’s Envirobase paint system for several reasons
One of the most important reasons is that this system has been around since 1999 in Europe and Canada and has been proven with great results. The durability of the paint are superb, Auto Body and More did several in house tests before we committed to use this system.
  • solvent resistant       707584auto use'sEnvirobase
  • Scratch resistant
  • Pressure resistant    
  • Adhesion                       
  • Application
  • Blend panel    
  • Cure/dry time  
  • Color Match
  • fuel resistant test
All these test were done in a controlled environment(Spray Booth) under several different conditions. The reason why we decided to use several different conditions is that your car, truck or motorcycle is not always kept in a prefect environment, It gets rained on snowed on sun beats down on it and so on.We are happy with the results.
  Now remember you still can use solvent primers and under coats and solvent clears but they do have to meet the VOC’s in your area. Auto Body and More does not mix match primers, sealers or clears with other paint manufactures. We strictly use what is recommended by PPG. Mix matching under coats, base coats and clears could result in array of paint issues including clear peel back, blistering, color fade, modeling, pin holes in the clear, Solvent popping, low adhesion properties, shrinking of the primer and sealer, shrinking of the clear, Low gloss of the clear (does not shine).
  Another reason we went with PPG is that their clears are one of the best on the market for durability and longevity
with excellent shine, scratch resistant, gas resistant, great adhesion properties and we just keep winning car and motorcycle show’s! 
Make sure the Auto body shop you choose use’s quality paint products, as the end result of your repair could be sacrificed.

Gerry L – Petaluma, CA

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As you can see from my photo Auto Body and More has flamed my Prius. In fact this is the second Prius, Bryan and the gang have done for me. In a nation of sheep I believe you must stand out. This is my contribution for standing out. Back to the review. Auto Body and More did a great job! The quality of work is outstanding. As I said this is the second flame job they have done for me. The first one was in excellent shape after 5 years of parking outside 24/7. The care they take in the preparation is evident if a custom paint job looks just as good after 5 years. the only reason I had them do another one was my first Prius was stopped on the freeway and the person behind me didn’t. So a new car and a new paint job to make it special again. The crew at Auto Body and More took the car apart to prepare it for paint. Bumbers off, windows out, door handles off, lights and sensors off, and it shows in how well the car looks now. The detailing of the flames was outstanding, rising up from the front bumper and cascading up through the “A” pillars and back across the doors. Wow, what an effect! I give this shop the highest rating possible because i have not been disappointed…. twice. I am considering flaming my 1945 Farmall “A”. It blows the doors off a Deere anyway.